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Gaïa, Délice et Alya Model - Poudrée

Gaïa fronts, matte grey-beige and Genoa green glossy lacquer, Délice H, heritage oak and Alya veneer, thermo-structured grey mesh melamine, Astuce Maduro handles.

Stylishly combining the advantages of a chest of drawers with those of a wardrobe closet, this dressing unit includes lots of interior equipment. Clever overlapping is made possible thanks to the overall made-to-measure design. Soft tones are the order of the day, including Genoa green and heritage oak. The layout is very large and very stylish, without any ergonomic compromise.

To personalize your storage

  • 164 couleurs et matières de façades disponibles
  • Ambiance déclinable en dressing sur mesure en U, I ou L, en armoires et placards avec portes battantes ou coulissantes. Etagères, penderies, tiroirs et coulissants sur-mesure.

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