Kitchen U layout

Compact and clever, this design is ideal for a streamlined environment with little space available. A u-shaped kitchen with 3 furnished walls or 2 sections and a bar creates an ideal environment and suits closed kitchens or kitchens that open-up to the living area.

Ergonomics and space saving are the key words for this kitchen. Everything has to be designed to maximize in every possible manner every little nook of this installation: corner units, shutter units on the worktop for storing appliances, a large refrigerator, a tall unit with reduced depth, raised level oven… Adapted appliances.

Mobalpa provides you with a multitude of solutions so that your kitchen becomes an integral part of your lifestyle. For instance, we integrate some storage and 100% tailor-made elements for enhancing your surfaces and making your everyday life more comfortable.

Other layout examples

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  • L-shaped kitchens

    It is the most popular design. It requires little space (from 10 m2), suits open and half-open kitchens and can accommodate an eating area. You can place a table near the wall and create a pleasant eating area for sharing some good time with your crew.

  • Double linear kitchens

    An I-shaped hallway kitchen is chic and ideal for confined areas of 5 to 10 m2. This layout makes use of a single wall but is fully equipped. It is ideal for small areas and open kitchens.It’s perfect for city dwellers with confined kitchens.

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