Examples of kitchen layouts

Linear, u-shaped, l-shaped, with an island, etc… there is a wide array of kitchen designs and concepts, get inspired by way of our examples conceived by our Mobalpa salesmen-designers

  • Double linear kitchens

    An I-shaped hallway kitchen is chic and ideal for confined areas of 5 to 10 m2. This layout makes use of a single wall but is fully equipped. It is ideal for small areas and open kitchens.It’s perfect for city dwellers with confined kitchens.

  • Kitchens with islands

    The kitchen island is more than just a trend, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a balanced link between an open kitchen and living room. Designed with either slanted or curved lines, open or coloured units, the island adds character to your kitchen and represents a convivial element for entertaining friends and family.

  • U-shaped kitchens

    A U-shaped kitchen is compact and clever, is the ideal solution for a well conceived design for small areas. A u-shaped kitchen with 3 walls or 2 wall sections and a bar, furnishes a surface with style and can be adapted to open or closed kitchens.

  • L-shaped kitchens

    It is the most popular design. It requires little space (from 10 m2), suits open and half-open kitchens and can accommodate an eating area. You can place a table near the wall and create a pleasant eating area for sharing some good time with your crew.

Your environment, our designer concepts

Your lifestyle is constantly evolving and our vision and kitchen creative process is constantly adjusting as well.
Always attentive to your requirements and expectations, our salesmen-designers will help you design the best possible personal environment.

  • Understanding and anticipating every detail with your salesman-designer

    Your Sales Designer will make the utmost effort to fully understand your customs and requirements so that your layout concept truly embodies your lifestyle. They will help you realise an environment that combines human engineering beauty and comfort.

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