Cuisine ouverte aménagement en u ambiance moderne

Mélia Model - Modern

Kitchen: Mélia fronts, glossy varnished basalt, matt black lacquered handleless profiles.
Laminated worktop structured Burgundy oak.
Made-to-measure under-stair units, glossy black.
Made-to-measure suspended TV unit, matt back, Galika matt black handles.
Made-to-measure bookshelf units, glossy varnished basalt and structured Burgundy oak.

This global home layout employs harmonious and complementary materials. The U-shaped open-plan kitchen features a set of custom units composed of open elements providing transition towards the entrance. Its handleless doors lend it a sleek, visually-appealing style.
Under the stairs, the closet has been entirely custom-made to follow the slope.
On the living-room side, the library blends into the walls and elegantly integrates an office area.

To personalize your kitchen

  • 165 colours and front materials available
  • 123 colours of worktops
  • Lay-out available in kitchen L, U-shaped kitchen, island kitchen ... for small as well as for large unique

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