The Mobalpa Plusses

Small details for great comfort

Convenience and comfort are major priorities at Mobalpa, this is why our kitchens are designed in accordance with the highest human engineering standards available and the longevity that you deserve.

Our designers develop increasingly innovative solutions and numerous standard equipment that make all the difference in your day-to-day life.

  • Fully Furnished Drawers

    Our Mobalpa drawers come fully furnished with our exclusive patented system of adjustable iPractis partitions. You organize your drawers as needed, whether storing cooking utensils, lids or those everyday essential small accessories. iPractis is designed to meet all of your desires.

  • Wall units, the detail that makes all the difference

    The service gap of the Mobalpa wall units represents 2 cm, but remains invisible underneath. There is no need for a sideboard or panel for hiding the open space under the wall unit, as there isn’t one

  • Legs that can handle up to 200 kg.

    You would like a marble worktop, and to safely store your heavy sauce pans and pots?

    Each Mobalpa leg can handle a load of up to 200 kg.

  • Factory Assembled Units

    The Mobalpa carcasses are assembled at the factory, in other words, they are journaled, glued and assembled in our manufacturing units. The major advantage is the high viability of the product in time.

  • A large choice of handles at no extra cost

    Choice is one of our priorities and the cost of the handles is included in your kitchen’s price.


    Straight edges inside drawers

    The interior edges of the Mobalpa drawers are straight, providing easy storage. A space saving feature, as opposed to the often offered sloping sides.

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