Photo suite parentale design Ambiance Transparence

Loa Model - Transparence

Bathroom, Loa fronts, matt grege melamine.
Walk-in wardrobe and headboard, made-to-measure structured oak units, midnight blue and matt grege.

This master suite is all about softness and clarity. The made-to-measure headboard incorporates two comfortable bedside tables and an array of panels for a highly decorative effect. The very large bathroom, separated from the bedroom by two made-to-measure sliding doors in translucent glass, offers two distinct, light-filled spaces, one for each user: each has a large wardrobe style closet, a designer cabinet sink, and a large cheval mirror. The large shared shower features two separate entrances on either side.

To personalize your bathroom

  • 165 colours and front materials available
  • 123 colours of worktops
  • Lay out available with single or double basin, with or without columns ... for small as well as large bathrooms.

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